The LIES We Tell Our Kids

Admit it. You lie to your kids ALL the time. Hilarious and white lies to make them feel better or to get them to stop doing something (or to DO something in particular). Read on…

When I was about 3yrs old, I overheard my mother mentioning we had mice in the basement. From that moment, I was scared the mice would come up the stairs and eat me. Until, that is, my mom reassured me I was safe because “mice don’t have legs” and, therefore, had no way of climbing the stairs to my bedroom. I went straight to sleep after that. A ridiculous bluff in hindsight but highly effective!

Like many parents, I have also utilized the power of childhood trust to get myself out of difficult situations.

“Can we go to McDonalds?” (for the 30th time!)
No, they’re closed this week.

One time, I pointed out a random car and told my 6yr old nephew, who was being very loud in the backseat, that we were passing “the noise police” and I didn’t want anybody being noisy to be arrested. “They could be driving any car. ” Worked like a charm.

What are some funny “lies” you were told by your parents or you told your own kids! Confess! lol The truth shall set you free! Meanwhile, a few other parents shared with us:

  • To make them stop eating in bed, someone’s parents told them that if they ate lying down, they’d turn into a snake.
  • A woman wouldn’t eat beef when she was a kid, but loved chicken.  So when her mom made beef, she claimed it was just “brown chicken.”
  • A woman’s mom told her that if the ice cream truck was playing music, it meant they were OUT of ice cream.
  • Someone’s mom told them that if they fell asleep with headphones on, their ears would explode.
  • A guy loved to flip the lights on and off as a kid . . . until his parents said it would signal the cops, and they’d show up at their house.
  •  Someone’s mom claimed it was illegal to go see the same movie twice.
  • A dad convinced his kids that the button in their car that turned on the hazard lights, that they insisted on trying to touch, was actually an “eject” button.
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