The Raptors Roar In Jurassic Park Is Actual Turtles Doing It (And Other JP Facts)

Published On June 12, 2015 | By Ryan Crits | Afternoons

JURASSIC WORLD comes out TONIGHT ! I am pumped, and so should you be! Now, to prepare myself I have been rewatching this old films, and I have discovered something…

You know that big scary roar of the Velociraptor? Well, Spielburg had to fabricate some of the sounds the dinosaurs made because researchers weren’t sure how they sounded, for the Raptor they ended up using a recording of two tortoises engaging in intercourse. you can hear it at the start of this clip


They obviously speed it up, and gave it more bass…. but turtle sex is what you are hearing.

In fact, compare it to the sounds in this video. You’ll see what I mean:





Here are some other Jurassic Park Facts!

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