Ryan Loses Horse Race at Leamington Raceway

Published On September 8, 2015 | By Ryan Crits | Afternoons

Well, that was simultaneously one of the most terrifying and one of the most amazing things I have ever done!

I was invited to the Leamington Raceway on Sunday by Ellie Mayhew. She told me I would involved in the media race, and I thought, “Okay, this will be easy. You sit there, tell it to go, and then hang on as I pass by those CBC Folks.”

It, uh… didn’t quite work out that way.

Fear first entered my heart when we started casually trotting around the track on our little cart that was attached to Hollywood Ham, our race horse. The jockey I was sitting next to started telling me stories of the times had fallen off during a race and, “broke my face”, as he so gently put it.

Once his stories were done, he began to tell me how he wasn’t QUITE as comfortable racing Hollywood Ham as he was his other horse.

Great… I’m feeling real confident now…

Then the race began and the horses took off faster than I realized they could go! The wind rocketed through our hair, and we continuously bounced up and down as the horse gave it his all.  I quickly learned to keep my mouth shut and my eyes squinted as Mud flung up from the horses and coated our faces!  At this point, I was just hanging on until it was over.

One of the most amazing things was the fact that the jockey barely needed to guide the horse. Hollywood Ham knew what he was doing… and he wanted to win. As we rounded the final corner, our horse got tired of being in last place; he pulled up on the right side and kicked it into another gear. I looked over and saw the other members of the media race fall behind us!

We crossed the finish line and I began to cheer like I had won! “YEAH!!!!” I exclaimed, while waving to the crowd.

It was then our Jockey, Rob, told me we had came in second. The folks from CBC had just pulled ahead of us.

drenched in sweat, and mud from hooves of Hollywood Ham, I had to accept my loss.

ryan and horse

I look my consolation prize (a participation trophy, and free T-Shirt) and went home.


Trophy rotate

Honestly, It was an amazing experience, and I have gain so much respect for the sport, and The Leamington Raceway, and Rob, my jockey.

If you haven’t been, I recommend you stop by the Leamington Raceway sometime soon!

group pic


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