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Published On August 21, 2017 | By Ryan Crits | Afternoons



Where will it happen?: 

Today, for the first time in 99 years, there will be a total eclipse of the heart sun in North America! As the moon crosses the path of the sun, darkness will start to spread over the land below it to varying degrees. The Path of Totality, although sounding apocalyptic, actually refers to land that will experience complete and utter darkness as sun and moon pass directly over it – the map from NASA below shows the where people will experience it the most. The Path of Totality is the highlighted streak across the middle of the Untied States.

As you can see above, Windsor/Detroit will see a partial eclipse.

During the darkness, your pets may begin to act erratic – confused by the premature daylight, and you may begin to hear crickets or see bats, and birds will cease to chirp. The whole thing is said to be rather eerie.


When Will It Happen?: 


Will It Hurt Me?:


Although you may not go blind, looking directly at the eclipse may cause permanent damage to your retina. The only time it is safe to look directly at it, is when the moon ENTIRELY covers the sun, for those in the Path of Totality, which Windsor is not.


How Can I Watch It:

The easiest way, is on Nasa’s Public TV Stream. Just click here. Or on YouTube:

If your feeling crafty, you can make your own eclipse glasses

Or hit up a local store, like Best Buy


What would be the best eclipse viewing experience?:

We suggest heading outside with your eclipse glasses, staring at the sky and blaring some Bonnie Tyler*. Alternatively, watch online.


If you more info – check out this video:


* Bonnie Tyler is optional

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