Thomas Rhett Wants To Try Acting

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Thomas Rhett has conquered the music world and is now thinking about giving acting a shot.

He said entertaining people in that realm has been of interest since childhood.

“Even from a young age, me and my sister used to write little skits and my dad would film us acting out these scenes. And I’ve always loved being behind the camera, but acting, that is not a joke. I’ve done a little bit of it here and there, like in music videos, and I’ve guested on The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher on Netflix. And it’s easy to get into a room and try to pretend that you’re somebody else in a song, but when you’re trying to pretend like you’re somebody else and act it, that is a whole different ballgame. But I would love to at least take some lessons and dive into it and see what the future held.”

In the meantime, Thomas is happy touring the world and promoting his latest single, “Remember You Young.”

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