Famous People We Meet in Dreams

Published On October 10, 2018 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

Let’s talk about dreams for a second…

Now I should mention, I very rarely have dreams. I wish I could dream more often. I usually enjoy them.
When I was a kid, I dreamed all the time, though rarely about celebrities.

Growing up, I tended to have the same dreams over and over again. I had two specific dreams that were recurring.

One, was “the flying” dream. This was the dream where I had the ability to fly. And these were my favourite dreams because I was always aware in those dreams that I was dreaming. And once you are aware that you are dreaming, you can train yourself to control your dream. And eventually, I learned to do just that. And so whenever I had “the flying” dream, after that moment of becoming sub-consciously self-aware, I could control where I went, who I met, what I did, just as I could in real life.

But then I’d soon wake up (the timing over which I had no control whatsoever.)

Another dream I used to have back when I could dream, was actually a nightmare. The “OMG! My Teef Haff  Fawen Out Uff Muh Mouff” dream., which was where I’d start off sitting on a chair or a couch and suddenly notice my teeth were all wiggling. And one by one, off they each came. Everytime I had that dream, I would wake up in a panic and run to the washroom to check on my pearly whites.

Anyway, then adulthood came and after three kids, bills and responsibility, my dreams ended.
(Not necessarily related to those things. I’m just trying to give you a sense of the timeline.)

But last night, I had a couple of very vivid dreams. And I can still remember them hours after the fact.

The first dream had me hosting some sort of family-oriented event in a tent. It was a big crowd. Lots of families. And I introduced my co-host…  actress Robin Givens of “Head of the Class.” I have no idea why Robin Givens was in my dream. I haven’t thought of her in years. (Why not Arvid? I liked Arvid. I could always relate to his general nerdiness.) Yet, there was Mike Tyson’s ex beside me.  After I introduced her, she immediately broke into a Broadway song (don’t recall which one, but it was bombastic and the performance, Tony-worthy.)  As I stood off to the side and let her do her thing, I noticed my wife. She was wearing a purple wig and glitter makeup. I asked, “Why are you wearing a wig?”
She said, “I’m here to perform.”
“But you can’t sing,” I pointed out.
“Well, I’ve been taking lessons,” she defiantly proclaimed.

She then walked up to the other microphone and, JUST as she was about to start singing (with my new friend, Robin Givens), there’s a scene change. Which on one hand, was disappointing because I really wanted to hear my wife’s new found singing abilities. And also a relief because I HAVE heard my wife sing in real life.

Suddenly, the tent was gone, my wife was gone, Robin was nowhere to be seen, and I was in a public park. And I’m standing there with Hollywood Legend and 12 time Oscar nominated and three time winner, Jack Nicholson. Again, don’t know why he’s there either. But there I am. And there he is. Standing there, under a tree. Jack immediately takes me by the hand, and we start strolling through the park. It was a slightly overcast but warm day. Lots of people enjoying the park. It reminded me of a park in Mississauga where I once flew a kite, but redesigned by a Telly-tubby with depression issues. Suddenly, Nicholson takes my hand and we start going for a stroll in the park.

I’m trying to have a conversation with him, a sort of walking-interview (a walkaview?), but he’s not saying anything. Just gliding along, with his expensive Jack Nicholson sunglasses and an expression similar to the grin he had after going full-on insane in the Shining, as he he sat freezing in a hedge maze. (What kind of hotel has a creepy hedge maze anyway?)

So now it’s just me and Jack Nicholson walking in this park on a slightly overcast but warm day surrounded by people completely oblivious to the star power in plain sight. About halfway, it dawns on my that Jack Nicholson is still holding my hand. I’m feeling awkward, walking along now, holding hands with Jack Nicholson, and wondering whether I should pull my hand away, but then think, but this is Hollywood Legend and 12 time Oscar nominated and 3 time winner Jack Nicholson. I can’t just pull my hand away in the middle of an interview. This is dream logic, mind you. So naturally, I don’t let go.

But then, we’re suddenly at the park entrance and Jack yanks away his hand away and saunters off, still never saying a word. And I wake up, with a sudden urge to watch, “As Good as it Gets.”

Weird, right?

Have you ever dreamed about a celebrity in an odd situation?
Did you ever suffer from a recurring dream? What was it about?
If you’re an amateur dream expert, tell me what it means below!


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