Thanksgiving Leftovers Ideas

Published On October 9, 2018 | By Cordell Green | Blogs, Country Mornings, Mornings

Check out these of ideas of what to do with your Thankgiving leftovers besides pot pies and sandwiches…

  1. Mashed Potato Pizza: Bake a pie crust, lather with leftover taters, cover with cheese and bacon crumbs, heat ’til warm.
  2. Leftover veggies and turkey: Turkey stir-fry
  3. Cranberry sauce: Mix it with oatmeal, yogurt or, my fave, cottage cheese! Or even CREAM cheese for a yummy bagel spread!
  4. Stuffing: Mix with eggs and cheese and make an omelette! (Technically a frittata.)
  5. Sweet potatoes:  Simmer leftover sweet potatoes with curry paste, chicken stock and coconut milk for a fragrant soup.
  6. Turkey dumplings/perogies: Mix chopped roasted turkey, carrots, scallions and an egg. Stuff ’em in a dumpling wrapper. Panfry and enjoy!
  7. Apple pie: Make a milkshake! Blend a slice of apple pie to your favorite milkshake!
  8. Lori’s Turkey Stew: My wife made an amazing stew this year! Here’s the detailed instructions:
    1) Fill a pot halfway with water
    2) Pour in all the leftovers. (**Thick leftover gravy is integral. Others, a bouillon cube and some thickener)
    3) Heat and serve.

    That’s all she did. And it was probably the best turkey stew I’ve ever enjoyed. 🙂

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