Chris Lukas

I was born and raised in the northern wine region of Niagara. But after being blacklisted from one too many wine testings up North, it was time for a fresh start in the wine country of Windsor-Essex.

I spent 15 years in Hamilton as a “weather girl” before lightning struck and the winds blew me to Windsor.

The northern girl in me still loves to ski, but I’m having trouble finding hills here. I could go cross-country,
but skiing downhill is easier.

When I have trouble sleeping, I love to watch panda bears sleep on Live stream. Beause that’s all they do. That, and Kung Fu.[/one_half]

I have my own golf clubs, but haven’t played in a few years. I never kept score. I always lost count when I tried.

I like the beach and vacationing wherever it’s tropical, but also love watch big sporting events like the world cup and winter olympics!

I talk to dogs and birds, and am always vaguely disappointed they never talk back.

I’m super glad I don’t live within walking distance of the casino, or I’d never afford my tropical vacations.

And Keith Urban- and you- make my job truly amazing. Glad to help you get through the workday with the greatest music in all the world.


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