Garth Continues to Catch Flak for Lip-Syncing

Published On November 13, 2017 | By Cordell Green | Country Music News, Daily Scoop

Miranda Lambert has joined the chorus of nay-sayers! Read on…

Miranda does not like the idea that Garth Lip-synced at the CMA Awards. To his credit, Garth didn’t try to hide it. He was up front about it. He had done several shows in a short period of time and a last minute decision was made that his voice just wasn’t there.

It started with Miranda’s boyfriend, Anderson East, posting this comment on Instagram…

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As you might expect, Garth’s fans jumped all over the post, so MIRANDA LAMBERT  hit up the comments section to agree with her boyfriend.  She wrote, “High five on this babe.  If you can’t sing then don’t.  It’s better to be honest than to pretend.  I think it’s [B.S.].  My favorite performances in the show were live.  The truth.” That seemed to make matters worse with much hostility redirected towards Miranda.

Miranda’s ex then chimed in with his support for Garth. Blake Shelton tweeted, “Hey Garth Brooks. I still love you. #Hero. #Respect.”
Other country stars, including Randy Travis, also posted in defense of Garth.

How do you feel about this situation?

In the case of a live TV broadcast, they can’t just cancel a scheduled performance. These shows have to time out. And they can’t easily switch out artists last minute. No artist wants to suddenly be thrown on TV in front of a national audience without having practiced, tuned up, done an appropriate soundcheck, and risk putting on a subpar performance. Their reputations are at stake as well. So nearly every performer on a live TV broadcast provides a pre-recorded track to producers that they can use if a last minute decision must be made because of vocal difficulties.

In the case of a concert you’ve payed money to see, of course you want a different listening experience than what you’d get just listening to the same music in your car. On the other hand, artists have to protect their voices. If their voice is strained, they can make it worse and can even cause permanent damage. So they have the option of canceling the performance (which opens up all sorts of legal, financial and PR issues and are decisions that can’t come lightly), or they lip-sync to try give the fans a decent simulation of the experience.

What would you prefer they do? Comment below!

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