Blake, Miranda, Reba and Others, Show Support for Little Big Town’s New Song

Published On March 30, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Country Music News, Daily Scoop

Little Big Town’s song “Girl Crush” has a lot of people with poor listening skills up in arms over the song. Now, fellow Nashville artists have taken to Twitter to defend the band and their single! Read on…

Blake Shelton and wife Miranda Lambert locked lips in an Instagram pic meant to support Little Big Town in the controversy over their new single.


Reba and others also posted pics in support.

Little Big Town have taken the unusual step of recording a commercial for “Girl Crush” for stations to play prior to spinning the song, explaining the lyrics to alleviate any confusion. The band members have also been making the media rounds, defending the song and decrying those who find it objectionable.

“That’s just shocking to me, the close-mindedness of that, when that’s just not what the song was about,” Karen Fairchild tells the Post. “But what if it were? It’s just a greater issue of listening to a song for what it is.”

The song is about the jealousy of a woman towards another because of a guy. But reports have stations across the U.S. too afraid to play the song because of complaints from homophobic listeners who are taking the song’s title literally.

Check out the lyric video for the song here…

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