Carrie Underwood Accidentally Locks Son in Car

Published On July 13, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Country Music News, Daily Scoop

What a scary situation! Ever have something like this happen to you?

It’s safe to say that Saturday was not a great day for Carrie Underwood.

Carrie Tweeted that she had to break into her own car after her dogs accidentally locked themselves inside – along with her belongings… AND HER 4-MONTH OLD SON, ISAIAH! Yikes!!

This isn’t the first time Carrie has had to smash something on a car. Need I remind you of that one car where she took a Louisville slugger to both headlights and slashed a hole in all four tires?

Now, how dogs could have locked the door is a mystery.

What’s the scariest moment your kid(s) or pet(s) ever put you through?

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