David Nail LOVES Sneakers

Published On September 17, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

David Nail posts a lot of Instagram pictures of his sneakers, and it seems like each time it’s a new pair. Well, that’s probably because it is!

Studio shoe game. #6

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The singer admits to having an addiction lately to buying Nike tennis shoes at a store located just outside of Nashville.

“I found this store in Lebanon, and it’s a Nike store, but it’s a clearance store and they get all this new stuff that gets taken back, like they ship it there, so it’s random stuff. Like, they may have one pair in one size only. It’s so hit-or-miss and it’s like crack to me. I mean, I drive 40 miles out there not knowing what in the world I’m gonna see. They all know me, all the workers. They laugh at me when I come in. I come in three days in a row sometimes, but it started at Christmas and I bet I bought 50 pair this year. It’s ridiculous. Please don’t tell my wife. I got ’em hidden all over the place.”

Not a bad shoe game today for Boston #7

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When he’s not out buying shoes, David is in the studio working on his new album. The project, tentatively called Fighter, features his new single, “Night’s On Fire.”

David will hit the road with headliner Darius Rucker beginning next month.

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