The Band Perry Gets Colourful

Published On September 15, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

The Band Perry members say that each one of their albums is driven by a vision or an idea.

Their first album was inspired by images of country fairs. For their second album, Pioneer, it was a vision of marching forward, and for their third album, which they are currently working on, Reid, Kimberly and Neil Perry say it’s all about color.

“It’s more in the spirit of, I would say, color and very digital color scape? Color scope? We’re going for stuff that’s very minimalist in a sense that we’re leaving a lot of space in both the visuals and the sound of the music as well. (Kimberly) And I think the reason for that is I just find I love minimalism because anybody can find their own taste and their own love in something that’s minimalist. So it’s almost like we’re gonna leave enough blanks for people to use their imagination and take away from it what they want. But, we’re chasing melody more than ever before and the sounds of the record, also, are really, really focused. (Neil) Well, and I do think the color – we are known as the black leather country band. But we are starting to incorporate more colors, and me as like the visual guy, that’s really exciting because you have so many more options. (Reid) It’s kind of hard for me and Neil because we’re color blind, though, but it makes it interesting. (Kimberly) So we don’t know what colors. The boys won’t know, but color (laughs).”

The Band Perry’s new single, “Live Forever,” is the first release off their new album, which is slated for release in November.

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