Is there a Taylor Swift Baseball Curse?

Published On October 2, 2015 | By Cordell Green | Country Music News, Daily Scoop

ESPN thinks so. Check it

An ESPN report suggests that while Taylor Swift may be beloved, you should think twice about having her come to town if your hometown team is competing for the MLB post-season!

Some of ESPN’s “evidence?”

Pre-Swift concert, the Houston Astros were 55-45 and held the first wild-card spot. Post Swift: Houston has turned in a lackluster 7-11 record, including losing seven of the eight games.

The Nationals went on a losing streak and fell out of first place after her shows there earlier this year

The Padres went on a major losing trend after Taylor’s show in August and never recovered.

Blue Jays fans, be forewarned. Tonight (Oct 2), Taylor plays the second of two consecutive nights in Toronto.

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