Keith Urban Celebrates #1

Published On October 22, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

Keith Urban celebrated his career 19th Number One hit, “John Cougar John Deere John 3:16,” on Wednesday, October 21st in Nashville with an industry-only party. Keith did not write the song, but he told reporters he connected with every line in it.

“It’s great because for me, what I loved about it is growing up in Australia every single reference in this song I know, and not from having lived here alone. I knew those references when I lived in Australia — Wheel of Fortune, everything in there — and of course all the people name-checked through the song, and really just the idea of that kind of upbringing. It’s extraordinary how much it paralleled life in Australia for me. It’s just small town. It’s simple, small-town, rural upbringing that resonates wherever you are, I think.”

Keith added that there is one line in the song that he thought he had figured out, but it seems it’s debatable.

“We were just talking earlier about the line ‘I’m a child of the backseat freedom,’ cause that one’s been the one everyone’s talked about with ‘what does that really mean,’ and it’s so weird. I’m full-blooded male, but I interpreted that line as meaning back before there were seatbelts. I mean, ‘I’m a child of the backseat freedom’ — that’s totally how I heard that line. It’s what it meant to me. It made perfect sense in the context of the song, and then I started meeting people saying, ‘That’s a bit of a risque line,’ and I’m like, ‘What? No seatbelts? No, no, that you’re conceived in the backseat,’ and I’m like, . . . So we’ve at least come to the conclusion that however you interpret that it’s all to do with a lack of protection in the backseat.”

Earlier this week, Keith released a new single called “Break On Me.”

It and “John Cougar John Deere John 3:16” will be included on his upcoming album, which has not yet been given a release date.

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