Thomas Rhett On Country Music’s Evolution

Published On October 8, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

Thomas Rhett’s new Tangled Up album features a mix of musical influences, including R&B and even rap. Thomas defends any claims that the new project is not Country music, telling us that even though he pushes the boundaries, this is definitely today’s Country.

“When it comes to making records I think that if you’re not putting out a single or a record that makes you sort of nervous and sort of like be, ‘Okay, are they gonna love this or are they gonna hate it?’ I’d way rather someone hate my song than be like, ‘Oh, it’s fine.’ I don’t want to have a record out there that just exists in the atmosphere. I want it to like either be amazing in a lot of peoples’ minds or they just don’t like it. I don’t ever want to be in that middle ground. I think we go through this kind of phase every 10 years and I think that we’re just kind of stuck in that spot where people are like, ‘Well, it’s not country! It’s not country! It’s not country!’ It is country. It’s just kind of where it’s evolved to at this point and I think that this record definitely is along the lines of where we have evolved to.”

Tangled Up has already produced a Number One hit with “Crash And Burn.” His latest single, “Die A Happy Man,” is quickly climbing the charts.

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