Carly Pearce LOVES To Run

Published On August 9, 2018 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Country Music News

If you follow Carly Pearce on social media, then you know she is an avid runner, often posting pictures of her fitness tracker that shows the stats for her daily runs, which average over five miles a day.

I found out today what it feels like to wear 20 pounds worth of ankle weights for an entire hour workout thanks to the @erinoprea fam… send help. ☠️💦 [also, wait for the end 😂]

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Even though she usually runs over 26 miles a week, running all 26 miles at once is not something Carly thinks she’s up for.

“I’ve never done a marathon. I’ve done several half marathons which is thirteen point one. But I will say, every single time that I see the little path to go and it says ‘marathon this way,’ I remind myself in that moment, no matter when you have a great run and you get cocky and you think that you can run that, remember this moment, because you can’t. So I don’t know that I would ever do a full, but I love halves and hope to continue to do them.”

Carly is featured in the September issue of Women’s Health magazine where she shares her daily routine on the road, which usually includes an early morning run, healthy breakfast, skin care regimen, songwriting and shopping!

Ummm my FAVORITE magazine on the planet is Women's Health magazine and guess what? I am in the September issue talking alllll about my morning routine!!! What a dream come true. ON NEWSSTANDS NOW! [swipe right for cover]

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