Howie Mandel Hypnotized Into Shaking Hands on Live TV

Published On May 28, 2015 | By Ryan Crits | Entertainment News

A video from the upcoming season of America’s Got Talent has been released online that shows a hypnotist putting Howie Mandel, a known germaphobe, under his control. The man convinced Howie that everyone was wearing gloves, and thus could shake their hands without issue. Howie proceeded to shake the hypnotists hand, as well as all his co-judges.

When he discovers that he has been tricked, after the hypnotism was over, he exclaimed, “Are you [explative] kidding me!?”

Howie later stated: “I was disturbed, but it’s kind of amazing to see that I survived it. And I have OCD, which is not a laughing matter, but it says something for the reality of how good hypnotism is and how good he was, and the breadth of the things that are happening,”

watch the video below.


Americas Got Talent runs Tuesdays at 8PM on NBC

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