You won’t be able to bring your phone to see Dave Chappelle

Published On December 2, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

People attending one of DAVE CHAPPELLE’s 13 shows in Chicago over the next several days will have to put their phones in special containers that will LOCK, so they can’t be used during the shows.

It’s all done by a San Francisco company which uses ‘smartphone-locking pouches’.

Anyone that goes to the show will recieve a gray smartphone sleeves. They are then instructed to place their phones inside the sleeves and fasten them, at which point they are welcome to carry them inside the venue.

As soon as they enter, the pouches will have locked shut via wireless signal, preventing anyone from firing off so much as a winking emoji

Need to make a call or send an email? Simply leave the designated zone and the pouches can now magically be unlocked.

If the experiment works, it could mark a bold new era in standup comedy – one in which comedians can breathe a little bit easier knowing their bluest material won’t wind up online.


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Photo: Wikimedia Commons


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