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Everyone should write a snapshot of themselves. Our lives are so busy, it’s easy to lose track of who we are. As I look back, I remember that I was born a Wallaceburger, raised mostly a Chathamite, now live as a proud Windsor-Essexian (and have for nearly a decade now!) I’m married to a lovely woman who I met online in a “Lonely DJ Chat room.” Together, in 2008, we created a beautiful baby girl who, by nature of the “beautiful” label, looks like her mother. I also have two teenage sons who remind me that I’ve been at this parenting thing for quite some time.

I’m a sci-fi junkie, an avid reader and a baseball addict but can’t play worth a lick. And though I grew up a Blue Jays fan, I’ve lived long enough in the area now that I can root for the Tigers guilt-free. From Chatham, to Sarnia, to Leamington and to Windsor, I’ve been blessed to do this little radio thing for over 20 years. I love the feeling of driving into work with little traffic at 4am with a coffee, and things in mind to talk about. Throw in all this great music to listen to in between, and you can’t beat it! Now, the preceding act of actually getting OUT of bed, well that’s another issue.

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