Michael Ray Releases Debut Album

Published On August 7, 2015 | By Cheryl Johnstone | Uncategorized

Michael Ray’s self-titled debut album featuring his hit single, “Kiss You In The Morning,” arrives at retail today, Friday, August 7th. Michael’s childhood was filled with traditional Country music thanks to his grandfather’s influence, and he tells us that is certainly a part of his Michael Ray album.

“You know, I grew up listening to a lot of classic Country stuff so inevitably that’s what I lean towards, too, lyrically or melodically whether I’m writing or listening to songs, so that’s gonna come out in a lot of the songs and I wanted it to come out in a lot of songs. I wanted to make sure I have records on there for a lot of different parts of life, whether it’s remembering something or the courage to go tell that girl how you feel. A lot of us guys don’t know how to say that the right way so I feel like there’s a song on there for that. There’s a song on there for throwing drinks back with the your friends and there’s a song about love and loss, so I grew up being a fan of all those type of those songs and those type of music so I wanted to make sure I made a well enough rounded record where I had a little bit of everything in there.”

Michael will be heading out on his first major tour with headliner Kip Moore this fall.

“I can’t wait for everyone to finally be able to listen to what we have worked so hard on for so long in the studio, and to be able to announce joining Kip’s Wild Ones Tour this Fall on top of my debut album releasing . . . is just incredible. I am so pumped and I can’t wait to bring my music and show to so many cities and fans and can’t thank Kip enough for the opportunity to join him on the road. I’ve always been a fan of Kip’s so this is such an exciting opportunity.”

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