Brett Young Makes Up Songs For His Daughter

By: Cheryl Johnstone


Country Music News

Brett Young has been using his singing and songwriting skills to calm his infant daughter whenever possible.

He makes up what he calls “silly” songs at the moment and never relies on his catalogue of hits.

“My wife wishes that I would sing more of my songs or like, ‘real songs,’ she calls them. I make up little things when she’s crying to try to calm her down, and they’re goofy and they’re silly but they work. And, no, there’s not one song because none of them are actual songs. They’re all in the moment – it’s like, let’s make up some words to a melody that seemed to calm this girl down and so, yeah I do. But it’s all really silly and it’s nothing that will ever make it outside the walls of our house, that’s for sure.”

Brett is closing in on the end of his self-imposed 14-day quarantine aboard his tour bus parked in his driveway after returning from Europe. He recently serenaded fans with an acoustic version of his latest hit, “Catch,” which he filmed on his bus.

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