Jimmie Allen Releases Gold Edition Of EP

By: Cheryl Johnstone


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Jimmie Allen had already released seven collaborations in the form of his Bettie James EP when his label head suggested he add on to that list.

Jimmie had several more artists he wanted to reach out to, and he even had the full project title in mind — Bettie James Gold Edition.

Jimmie explains why this title was important.

“The head of my label was like, ‘Listen, we have this already started. Why don’t we just put out a full album on the collaboration album Bettie James?’ I said, ‘Cool! We’ll name it the Bettie James Gold Edition,’ cause I love the colour gold. It’s my grandma’s favorite colour. When I’m on stage I wear gold boots, I’ve got a gold microphone, gold Solo cups. It’s a full on gold thing here.”

The 16-track Bettie James Gold Edition was released in June and features new collaborations with Babyface, Breland, Keith Urban, LANCO, Lathan Warlick, Lindsay Ell, Little Big Town, LoCash, Monica, Neon Union, Pitbull, teamwork. and Vikina.

Jimmie’s latest single, “Freedom Was A Highway,” features Brad Paisley.

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