Latest Songs From Eric Church Written Before The Pandemic

By: Cheryl Johnstone


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Eric Church has been treating fans to several new songs over the past few months, including “Crazyland,” “Through My Ray-Bans” and most recently, “Doing Life With Me.”

While these songs may sound like they were inspired by the global pandemic, they were all written before that began.

Eric talked about the songs late last year at the CMA Awards.

“We made this project before COVID ever existed. So, for me, we never came in reacting to COVID. We made this project, we wrote this project, we recorded this project before we ever knew what COVID was. I think a lot of that is a little bit divine that if you listen to the songs and you hear what the songs are, you very easily go, ‘This sounds like they were in the middle of quarantine,’ but we weren’t.”

Eric’s recently-released songs were penned during a marathon writing session held at a rural North Carolina cabin.

He recorded a song from start to finish each day for nearly a month.

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