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[LISTEN] UNSOLVED #YQG MYSTERIES: The SkyZone Birthday Bandits

By: Morgan Ryan



The case of the Skyzone Birthday Bandits gets an update!

2 week ago I told you about a post I saw in a Mama’s group on Facebook.
A Windsor family celebrated a birthday at SkyZone on Family Day. The Mom sent her older son out to the truck with all the gifts. But the son…put the gifts…in the wrong truck.

A plea was made to help find this blue truck, Skyzone even gave the family a $600 Vida giftcard to replace the missing gifts. (They didn’t accept it by the way).

Have the would-be-theives been found.

They have. . .












I spoke with Cassandra’s best friend Tae, she said they saw the article, but didn’t read the whole thing, they just assumed the gift had been stolen. They called SkyZone immediately and they all had a good laugh, the gifts have been returned to the family.

Tae said unfortunately there have been negative comments on social media. I say give this couple a break , name 3 things in your trunk right now. I’m so happy there was a happy ending! We need stories like this right now! Way to go Cassandra and Andrew.




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