[WATCH] Emotonial Police Officer Replaces A Beloved 🚜 Tractor For 4-Year-old After It’s Stolen

By: Morgan Ryan


All The Feels

4-year-old Gerald Philbrook was delighted when big-hearted cops gave him a brand new, replica John Deere. Police swung into action after Patrol Sergeant Andrew Brooks read ON FACEBOOK that a 4 year old named Gerald Philbrook’s cherished old tractor had been stolen.
His dad Peter Philbrook wrote in the post how he and Gerald had found the toy and bonded while repairing it, so the tractor held great sentimental value.

After an unsuccessful search effort, Sergeant Brooks, with some assistance from a local Wal-Mart purchased the toy for Gerald.
Brooks was so overcome with emotion when the time finally came to give Gerald the new tractor, listen to this

Gerald got a shiny new tractor power wheel with a personalized license plate as well as a peace-sign bumper sticker.
Gerald said, “This is actually cooler than the other one!”






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